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A living statue at Epcot.

The term living statue refers to a mime artist who poses like a statue or mannequin, usually with realistic statue-like makeup, sometimes for hours at a time.

Living statue performers can fool passersby and a number of hidden camera shows on television have used living statues to startle people.[citation needed] As with all performing arts, living statue performers may perform as buskers[1] or in commissioned shows.[citation needed] Some living statues are also invited to perform in fine arts exhibitions.[citation needed]



The tableau vivant, or group of living statues, was a regular feature of medieval and Renaissance festivities and pageantry, such as royal entries by rulers into cities. Typically a group enacting a scene would be mounted on an elaborate stand decorated to look like a monument, placed on the route of the procession. A living statue appeared in a scene of the 1945 French masterpiece film Les enfants du paradis (Children of Paradise), and early living statue pioneers include the London-based artists Gilbert and George in the 60s. In the early years of the 20th century, the German dancer Olga Desmond put on “Evenings of Beauty” (Schönheitsabende) in which she posed nude in imitation of classical works of art (‘living pictures’).

Living statue events

The World Championship of Living Statues is held annually at Arnhem in the Netherlands.[1]

The city of Espinho, Portugal has organized a living statue contest on the Sunday nearest to the 16th of June (the municipal holiday) since 1997.[citation needed]

The University of Business and Social Sciences in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina has hosted a National Contest of Living Statues since the year 2000.[2]

Other uses

In science fiction and fantasy the term often has the opposite meaning: humans (or other humanoid creatures such as elves) who are immobilized by technology or magic and sometimes disguised as real statues, often remaining conscious in the process.[citation needed]




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