Como ser una estatua humana

Aqui estan los pasos para ser una estatua humanas:

How to Be a Living Statue

Human statues[1] have a long history in the European street theater tradition. In many cities, you can see human statues in many parks and gardens, busking for money with a physical patience and control that rivals most yogis and athletes.


  1. Realize that it won’t be any easier or more glamorous than whatever you may already be doing. If you’re bored, busking won’t help you. Try to make new friends or find a hobby instead.
  2. Make a costume and develop a character. This is the hardest part. You need actual costuming skills to make a character that people won’t mock publicly.
  3. Choose an action. When the statue comes to life, it needs to give something away. If someone leaves money, this is an especially important thing to do. What you give away doesn’t have to be tangible, it can be as simple as a kiss or a glance, but it needs to be meaningful and it needs to be a moment in which you connect with the human being in front of you and look them in the eye. If you have a talent, use it. Blowing bubbles, origami, dry flowers, coins, keys, notes wrapped up in ribbon with nonsensical quotes from your favorite author, it doesn’t matter. Maybe play a short tune on a flute or guitar. Give away nails. Rivets. Anything.
  4. Accessorize. Sometimes just going shopping randomly will inspire the costume and character (and the action). Yard sales, thrift shops and antique shops are best. You’re bound to find something odd that will spark your inspiration. Other helpful places for props are home improvement stores (awesome for mechanical-looking things) and fabric and craft stores. They tend to have weird things, cloth and armature wire, which is all really helpful for creating things from scratch.
  5. Apply makeup. This is essential. Makeup provides the artifice which is key to this art form. If using a white or non-metallic color, use water based cake-makeup as opposed to oil based. If you use oil, dust it with a finishing powder so it doesn’t smudge. Dark colors don’t work as well as light unless your costume is very specifically geared towards that. White works best, silver second. Metallics can be bought in a bottle or a cake for use with a sponge and a little goes a very long way. Anyone working in a costume shop should be able to advise you. All costume shops carry makeup lines, just look up costume in the yellow pages and go.

  6. Don’t have anybody join you. The only way for you to keep your job/hobby is to ensure that as few others as possible do it at all, and that nobody else does it as well as you. Otherwise, every available public space will be flooded with (mostly bad) statues to the point where you won’t be able to rely on getting a spot every time you want to perform, as it is in Barcelona. Above all, when giving advice to other wannabe performers online, be vague.


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